Team meeting & followups

Available staff - ideally whole Code of Conduct Response Team or as many members of the team as possible.

Neither the complainant nor the alleged harasser should attend. People with a conflict of interest should exclude themselves or if necessary be excluded by others.

Goals of the meeting:

  • Discuss the talk with offender/reporter/vistims with the whole team Describe how the talk went: how the offender reacted, if they are sorry and cooperative? Or they were defensive or agressive? Do they agreed to the proposed by Response Team solution?

  • Decide if any further actions are required It is possible that the talk with offender/reporter/vistim brings new light to the reported situation. You should share it with the team and decide together if any extra actions should be taken. For example, if speaking with the offender revealed that they might be a thread for safety of other attendees, you want to discuss further steps.

  • Decide if case is closed When all necessary warnings, sanctions and actions to minimize the damage (i.e. deleting offensive tweet) were taken, team agrees to close the case.

After the meeting the Response Team writes e-mail to all involved sides: reporter, victim and offender about the actions taken and the end result of the work of Response Team.

Let reporter/victim know about:

  • what actions you took (talking to offender, sanctions you used, etc.),
  • what is the outcome of this and what was done to minimzie the damage (i.e. deleting Tweet),
  • if there are any steps you need to take - inform them about them. If not, inform that the case is closed,
  • if there was any fault on the side of organizers, make sure to apologize, (i.e. if you screened the slides before the event, but you did not spot the offensive one),
  • thank them for reporting.

Write to offender:

  • sum up your talk with them: explain what was a report and how it violated your Code of Conduct,
  • inform them about a sanctions.

All the above creates a "paper trail" and documents the whole incident. It is important to be clear with all sides when the case is closed and what was done. This builds trust and gives a closure to everyone involved.

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