Code of Conduct visibility

One of the most important things to do before and during the event is to make sure that everyone attending, speaking, sponsoring or organizing your event knows about existence of Code of Conduct and have no issues finding details about it. Failing to communicate about it might cause someone to not report an issue or might discourage some people from attending the event.

In addition, sufficient advertisement of CoC ahead of the conference might even have an unplanned benefit of having the strong opponents of it to not be willing to attend your conference.

Increase visibility of the Code of Conduct:

  • reading and agreeing to your Code of Conduct should be obligatory when registering ticket for the event;
  • make sure to link your CoC in both header and footer on your website. Hidden link in just footer, or on some subpage is simply not good enough;
  • consider highlighting your commitment to safe environment and CoC on your event homepage and tickets page;
  • prepare and print posters about CoC, hang them in visible spaces in the venue;
  • remind about Code of Conduct during welcome talks, at the registration desk and on other possible occasions
  • remind about the Code of Conduct in e-mail communication with attendees


Make sure the Code of Conduct can be easily found and accessed on your website. It is important to link to it from the homepage, ideally both in header and footer.

Having a hidden tiny link in a footer or linked from some subpage is simply not good enough.

Use consistent naming, ideally always use "Code of Conduct" or "CoC" names, so people will be able to find the link immediately.

Highlight the importance of Code of Conduct on your homepage. You can use words like that:

All organizers, attendees, speakers and sponsors must follow the Code of Conduct. We're committed to providing a safe and friendly environment for everyone to learn, meet, and enjoy the conference.

Code of Conduct Page

A Code of Conduct page is one of the primary sources of information about it for all of your attendees. It is also a place where you link to whenever you write or mention Code of Conduct. That is why it is crucial to have this done right.

The page should contain following information:

  • your Code of Conduct. See example here;
  • how CoC violation could be reported:

    • e-mail address that is entirely dedicated to CoC, for example
    • phone numbers: one to female and one to male member of CoC Response Team,
    • emergency numbers (Fire, Medical, Police numbers including country code);
  • names and photos of your Code of Conduct response team, so people will have no problem to identify them if needed;

  • short list of things that might be reported to give people idea what is considered a Code of Conduct violation;
  • link to this document to give people an idea about your process.


Posters informing about your Code of Conduct will increase visibility and remind attendees about it. We advice to hang them in the event venue and if possible in any location where any official events are held: sprints venue, party etc. Another good place go hang this poster is a bathroom, as this is often a place where people go to calm down after something happens.

The poster should include:

  • short version of your Code of Conduct
  • link to the CoC page
  • phone numbers and CoC e-mail address

You can find & copy our example posters: Part 1, Part 2.

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